William Pitcher

 William Pitcher

Certified Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner

Introspection, looking within, down into the bowels of our soul, through layer upon layer of life’s experiences, is to uncover and remember, often represses or intentionally subconsciously forgotten events which have had major long lasting effects upon our lives. 

By pulling up everything we have buried and looking it long and hard in all honesty, feeling it deeply and completely, do we come to an understanding of its origin, cause and reason, enabling us to truly see the lesson, learn it, and let the trauma go.  Only then do you heal and grow.

If you are tired of running and hiding from yourself, suffering at the mercy of a rabid monkey ego, haunted by skeletons deeply buried and have come to your breaking point, then what do you have to lose?  Turn around and stand your ground and face your fear, your truth, accept it, understand it, forgive it, love it, and let it go.

Take back your power, lift up your courage and make the choice to look into the eye of eternity resting in the center of your heart. You can remember everything, more than you can imagine, when you connect with your core essence and realize you are everything, for all is One.

As an Introspective Practitioner I will assist you in attaining a relaxed state of quietude that will allow, through an intrinsic “Knowing”, feelings, or visions, you to dive deep into your subconscious self.  Through the portal of your imagination, led by intuition, guided by your Higher Self, your inward journey will unfold naturally, I there only to prompt questions and concerns you wish to address during the session.  When an issue arises, I will guide you to its origin through remembrance of the significant events that lead to it, see it from the level of a life lesson, learn how it has effected who you perceive yourselves as being so that you can experience and process the thoughts and emotions it engenders, allowing you to learn, love and let go.

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